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Before you need to have cable subscription in order to become a member of Playboy TV. Now time has changed as all you need is a computer, credit card and fast Internet connection. There are requirements to get a credit card though so you would have to accomplish that. It is still brought to you by the legends of porn which is Playboy. They have been around for sometime and they have brought you the most beautiful girls in the world stark naked in some revealing photo shoots done by professional photographers.

The Playmates section gives you a look at the casting calls of Playmates. You will find out why everyone wants to be a playmate and there are a lot of reasons other than being with Hugh Hefner. There is a section called Foursome where two guys and two girls lock up in a mansion. You can only imagine what happens in a premise like that as sometimes the pairs go at it while there are times when the two girls get into it with each other.

The owners of Playboy TV made it pretty easy for everyone to navigate throughout the website and get a deal like the evil angel discount also available. Nobody will have a tough time looking for what they are looking for. The Swing section provides entertainment for girls who go into the night life. It is fun for them as they go bar hopping from one nice bar into another as there is nothing more fun than exploring the night life. Since it is Playboy, there is nothing but quality in this website from the navigation to the looks of the performers. There is a section for models and you can sort them out according to how you would like them sorted.

There is no doubt you would like everything at Playboy TV as they won’t be called the legends of porn for no reason. The Naughty Amateur home videos section show some real life amateurs just like on the mofos discount network, submit their home made videos. They submit these videos to Playboy in the hopes of getting shown on the website.