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The first time I read the site name “Mr Skin”, the first thing that came into my mind was “Man, this has got to be a gay site. Retreat!” But I was wrong. I was totally wrong. It’s the absolute opposite of what I thought. It’s the kind of haven that my penis has been looking for all of this time. Mr Skin, my friends, is one of the most authentic adult sites you can find in case you’re up for a real manly type of porn.

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Every existence in this world is backed with a reason. For MrSkin, that would be to be loved by the mass. Not just by the male populace, but also by the female species. It’s purely one of the most versatile sites out there. It is home to straight people sex and homosexual sex. Not that I entertain the latter, but that is the truth of the site. It is a conglomerate of all the kinds of pornographic digital filmography out there. It is consolidated by the diversity of its contents.

Mr Skin features actors and actresses that seemingly look like Hollywood stars or Wicked Pictures actresses, only that they’re not. It’s like buying a Brazo de Mercedes for only a dollar, which is pretty much 20 times lower than its real value. The typical video in this site would contain a man with bulging muscles, from neck to toe, while the woman will have these naturally big racks that you would really want to suck the nipples out of. The kind of boobies that you would really love to slide your penis through the middle back and forth. So intense!

And as far as videos go, there are over 50,500 videos to choose from both vintage and modern. You basically have choices, especially with the categories set out in the most effective manner. There are also picture galleries and there is the advanced search option that adds up to the total convenience of the site.

For only $18, you can fully enjoy the site for an entire month. If you think that’s insufficient, then go with the 80-dollar subscription for an entire year. This is totally a site to love. Totally Mr Skin. Enjoy!