ZTOD Discount

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ZTOD, ever wonder what it stands for? It actually means Zero Tolerance On Demand. If you’re familiar with the site Zero Tolerance for Bad Porn, this is actually their latest creation, which basically means it’s something you would really want to tap into. Flawless for its porn splendor, and if it were a written piece, it wouldn’t be anything less than one with impeccable brevity. ZTOD is a site that will never dare disappoint its target market with the bad kind of porn out there. And as to what bad porn means, you should know what it is — something unworthy of watching because of bad video quality, suckass actors and actresses, seemingly scriptless plots and the list goes on. So it goes.

There’s no real secret in ZTOD, nor does it have any gist. It’s philosophy: It simply is. Like Kurt Vonnegut, it’s pointless questioning as to why something is the way it is, because it’s just how it is. And that’s what ZTOD is all about, it’s perfect because that’s how it’s meant to be. As much as it wants to load its threshold with any kind of content, it only accepts all that is worthy of acceptance. By that, it would mean to say videos and photos that can truly erect the empire of all humongous penises. It’s magic stems from its virtues of zero tolerance.

The Substance

As far as count goes, there are over 800 videos that you can plunge your sense in to. Each video is injected with high quality, from the resolution of the image to the script of the cast, to the delivery of the cast, and to the moaning as they fuck. Truly awesome. No BS, just pure porn. You can download as much videos as you want. And the membership, it’s only for 19.95 dollars a month. 

I’d say this site is very worth of every penny it asks in return for its meritorious services of delivering high quality porn. ZTOD thus deserves a 10/10.

Hegre Art Discount

Exclusive Hegre Art discount


$19.98/mo. for 60 days and $12.50 per month for one year

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Are you thinking about joining the membership database of Hegre Art? Or, have you just by chance fell into this page and now come to wonder what Hegre Art is? But to answer those questions, you should really join as a member of the site and yes, you are lucky because I will be telling you how wonderful of a site it is. 

If you are able to appreciate fine photography or any art that involves imagery and emotion, then great, Hegre Art is definitely for you. It is a porn site that depicts sexual imagery with great ardor and a fervent desire to please its audience. It’s win-win here for the fact that it will serve its members with nothing but the best possible output when it comes to porn injected with Tantric wonders and the beauty of kamasutra. It tends to be stunningly diverse that it will compel its viewers to watch more videos and do more digging to see what magical porn they can entomb themselves. 

Look, if you love role-playing games, then good. We’re actually on the same page with that. What I’m trying to say is that if RPG’s have their bestiaries, Hegre Art has its own library of porn content that seem to be newfound or unwordly. But the truth is, they’re just equivalent to arcane knowledge — not many may be familiar of the contents of the site, but they are definitely nothing below the ordinary. They are purely visual and overly empowering. You will want to have sex all the more because of the eccentric stuff you will get to learn with the videos.

There are over 437 purely refined scenes to watch. Each video runs for about 10 to 35 minutes each and they are all in high resolution qualities. Also, there are fine art photographs you can view through the photo albums. 

The Verdict?

Overall, I would give this site a 9/10 because you know there is always room for errors. But so far, my experience with the site is exceptional. Though it’s not a perfect soft core porn hub, it’s definitely one of the bests out there. Hegre Art it is!

Team Skeet Discount

Exclusive Team Skeet discount


$9.87 for 30 days and $4.99 per month for one year

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Why pay the regular $28.97?


If you fancy teens, then you are definitely at the right place with Team Skeet. Whether you fancy the immediate door amateurs, barely of legal age coeds, Latina beauties or chicks with amazing bodies, you are guaranteed to find them here. From the moment you set eyes on the tour page, you will know you are in for astonishing teen action. The chicks are gorgeous; the action is hard core and diverse and covers numerous wicked niches.

The site has an amazing discount and layout and the updates are frequent with at least one each day across the entire network. The Team Skeet homepage has different links to the different areas and sites on offer on the network. The quickest way to locate the material is clicking on the updates link that you will find on the top page. It grants you access to all the videos that you are availed to as a member. You are then able to sort them by current, highest rated, most watched, most favorited, scene title and models’ names.

If you are searching for a specific niche, they have availed a very wide-ranging menu on the left hand side of the page. All you are required to do is clicking the niche and in a moment you are allowed access to all the material on the network covering that specific hard core subject. There is a breath taking POV scene that has a petite teen treating at a lucky stud’s door. She requests to use his bathroom and the rest as they say is some amazing action that will leave you hungry for more. The quality is great unlike Blacks on Blondes and the scene is also available to you for streaming in low medium or high quality. You can also opt to download it in different formats and qualities.

There is also several hard core scenes with some having dirty ass to mouth and teens licking dudes’ asses.Pictures are availed above each video and they are of amazing quality and each set is large. They can be viewed in the browser or downloaded in Zip files. Team Skeet is really amazing for all the teen lovers out there and if you have not obtained membership, then you are missing out on a lot of entertaining porn.

Sapphic Erotica Discount

Exclusive Sapphic Erotica discount


$19.95 for 30 days and $14.99 per month for six months

(up to 50% off your membership)


Why pay the regular $29.95?


Sapphic Erotica is a website managed by the marvelous Bailey, who fancies girl on girl action. He reminds you this on the tour page that there is nothing that turns him on more than seeing two girls in action, kissing, fingering their pussies and reaching awesome orgasms. On logging in, all the links to the video and picture content are availed to you. They can be sorted in different ways for example niche options, breast size, shaved and hairy. These options might not be the best you have come across, but they are adequate enough to help you locate any type of lesbian action to satisfy your need.

The Sapphic Erotica videos are of excellent quality, with numerous options for viewing and downloading. The large streaming option will definitely amaze you with its awesome quality. They also offer coupons and lower quality streams for those with slower connections that are great. There are several downloading options at your disposal with the higher quality being super high quality. There are also several mobile friendly formats to enable you view through your mobile devices.

The picture sets are amazing like Playboy, with excellent quality either in browser or as a download in useful Zip files. The material you will come across here varies from soft core to some really hard core action. There is a wide coverage of lesbian niches and you will locate videos and picture sets on solo, lesbian, hard core lesbian, threesomes and toy play. They have also availed some mouthwatering strap-on and fisting content here. There is a lot of close up action here that you will be led to believe that you can actually smell the pussies on the screen. With more than 895 models, you are definitely going to get more in terms of action and gorgeous girls.

However, although most of the content is exclusive to only this site, there are some that are not, and the older content tends to drop in quality. Apart from these two shortcomings, the rest of the site is marvelous. Sapphic Erotica really guarantees all its promises you will come across on its tour page and coupled with its regular updating schedule, obtaining membership is definitely worthwhile.

Haze Her Discount

Exclusive Haze Her discount


$14.95 for 30 days and $9.95 per month for one year

(up to 67% off your membership)


Why pay the regular $29.95?


You must most definitely have come across all those horror stories in the news about fraternity and sorority hazing. Hazing is the process through which fraternities and sororities obtain fresh members. It always resembles a trial that one has to survive before being allowed into the group. The new Haze her member should also be able to inflict the same kind of hardship the following year to the new inductees. The stories that we mostly hear are gruesome regarding what some of these groups put their members through, some of these new members even end up dying. Haze Her however, tries to bring a whole new meaning to the hazing story.

Just like almost all the hazing stories, they involve sex,which at times you might still consider to be cruel, but they are much sexier and are not indeed to cause harm to anyone. The girls on the Haze Her website at times get really intense with their pledges, but it’s all in the cause of coming up with some great porn, and by the end of the day,no matter how many times the site tries to convince you it is real, the truth is, it is not. The site has so many gorgeous girls in their content that you will not able to through all of them at a go. They however have a variety of entertainment here that will keep you well entertained.

Each video is available in different formats, that you will be able to download, and to top it all, you are not restricted on the number of limits to download. Currently you will only access 47 videos, and the site does not update daily as does sites like the DDF Network, which makes it a little disappointing and something should be done about it.However, the available material is of great quality, and if you were expecting that they were shot on inconsistent phone cameras, you are wrong. Shooting was done in high definition and you will ascertain to this. Each scene runs for between thirty minute to a full hour, but majority of them last for 45 minutes. Also apart from the full-length videos, you also have access to two photo sets.

Haze Her is amazing, and once you check it out, you will be left yearning for more. Obtaining membership is worthwhile.

Digital Desire Discount

Exclusive Digital Desire discount


$14.95 for 30 days and $7.91 per month for one year

(up to 60% off your membership)


Why pay the regular $19.94?


To be in this industry for thirteen years, it is obvious that these guys are doing a fantastic job. To be guaranteed survival in the competitive world of porn industry, you have to produce some great content. Digital Desire brings to you a mixture of soft core and hot lesbian action, but most of it is solo, with chicks toying around with their inviting pussies using their fingers and toys. These babes are dazzling and you are definitely going to be amazed by their gorgeous faces and perfect bodies.

Their massive compilation dates back as far as 1998 as far back as Wicked days, but one thing that has remained constant all this time is their enthusiastic eye for detail and gorgeous women. The older content though, is not available in excellent quality as the current ones, with the oldest images available in 800px, and the videos receding in quality to around 640×480, they are still great though, but the recent ones are perfect. The new ones come with high resolution images that are crisp and clear together with high definition videos. All in all, you will be able to access high quality content that is guaranteed to keep you well entertained.

Digital Desire’s update schedule is more than great, with a new video or gallery being added on each single day, hence enabling this already huge site to keep on growing at a very steady pace with excellent new material for their members. The models here are both professionals and amateurs, and with more than 900 amazing chicks to choose from, you are sure to find the girl that meets your desires, irregardless of your taste. The only shortcoming of the site is the lack of detailed bios on the models. Although the site offers a playboy tv discount like offer and plenty of high definition material for members, the older content is very low in quality, but I guess we cannot complain about this considering the long duration of time this site has been in operation.

Overall, Digital Desire has some amazing content on offer, and if you fancy gorgeous women and great quality content, then you are definitely at the right place. Obtaining membership is definitely worthwhile.

VideosZ Discount

Exclusive VideosZ discount


$17.95 for 30 days and $10.00 per month for one year

(up to 67% off your membership)


Why pay the regular $29.95?


There are 13659 full length DVDs at VideosZ and new ones are always getting added. When you click on a DVD, you will find out what it is about as there are over 80611 scenes that can be streamed on an embedded player or downloaded in several formats. Some of them can be downloaded in HD MP4s and that is very impressive.

Since it is a videos site from the name itself, you won’t be able to find any pictures here like you would on Playboy Plus which is understandable. That is alright as it would be better to watch girls pumping some small cock rather than posing naked with her legs wide spread. For some reason, I think it is easier to get a hard on when the girl spreads her legs wide open in a video instead of a picture. Some movies don’t got that good of a playback like the others because of the date they were released but that is alright since they are still watchable.

Most of the videos on VideosZ can be found in other sites which is a bummer but that is completely fine since the girls are beautiful anyway. The updates come in bunches daily so you won’t get sick of the same old stuff. There is an advanced search here is just like DDF, so you would come across some videos you never thought you would see in your life due to filtering out some things you like in a porn scene like threesomes and lesbian scene. It is the largest online adult movie collection and it just keeps on getting bigger and bigger. It is a foregone conclusion that when you come back to VideosZ after several months, the website got improved whether it was the design or the navigation. Speaking of the navigation, it is pretty easy to find the things you are looking for.

VideosZ is one website you won’t get sick of and you will wish you found it earlier since the stuff here is to die for. There are beautiful girls sucking and fucking until they reach an orgasm in a creative manner.

Blacks on Blondes Discount

Exclusive Blacks on Blondes discount


$19.99/mo. for 90 days and $9.99 per month for one year

(up to 67% off your membership)


Why pay the regular $29.99?


Next up for review on Broadway Beauty Pageant is a lovely site called Blacks on Blondes. It is no secret blondes like huge cocks and black dudes are the ones who probably have the biggest cocks in the world. In Blacks on Blondes, the stuff here is dedicated to black dudes pumping blondes even though some of the girls are not blondes as they go away from the theme sometimes.

There are 599 videos and half of them are already in HD format. Each video has a corresponding photo set. All the movies can be streamed on an embedded player and can be downloaded in bits or the entire thing. The mobile formats are also available so you can view them anywhere you please. There is going to be one episode that will drop to the website every 4 to 5 days so if you want to kill time then take a look at the rest of the DogFart network since that is what you are going to get in terms of bonus material. Most of the stuff on Blacks on Blondes is concentrated on black guys hammering white chicks which is always a good thing.

Blacks on Blondes is worth your money and time as you are going to get some nice interracial porn. Sometimes, you won’t know if the Naughty American white chick is enjoying the videos more or you are. You will see girls of all kinds like the ones who took one too many trips to the fridge and those who just can’t stop working out. In other words, they have babes of different shapes and sizes and they all have one thing in common and that is to get fucked by some huge black dude.

These girls certainly enjoy the fact that some black cocks are shoved up their asses and they get paid for it. They moan and groan like they don’t want to get disturbed at all. These black dudes don’t really show any mercy to the girls they fuck because they know they need to get what they deserve which is some mighty cock up in their pussies. They want to make them scream as loud as they can too.

DDF Network Discount

Exclusive DDF Network discount


$14.99 for 30 days and $12.50 per month for one year

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Why pay the regular $44.99?


The DDF Network offers members some of the finest collection of pornography on the internet. You can find all types of porn niches plus they have some perks for members.

DDF is a mega site that offers you 13 high quality porn sites. The ladies who appear on this network are stunning beauties with high sexual libidos willing to do anything in front of the recording cameras. Why would they do this? To give you some steaming soft core and hardcore pornography capable of turning you into a big pile of gooey sticky mess!

Material on the DDF Network is tagged according to the date it was uploaded comparable to the digital playground network. There are menus, features, search tools and other helpful features on the network to help in sorting, finding, viewing and enjoying the material. You can watch what you want on this network with ease. Over 12,000 photo sets and over 11,800 movies are what members enjoy on this mega site network. You also receive a plethora of movie formats (MPEG, MOV, MP4, WMV, AVI, FLASH) and ZIP pack file for fast downloads of pictures. Many of the photos jump out from your screen in colorful HIGH RES quality. Many of the movies are in High-def mode with streaming and downloading features also available. DDF galleries are full of quality.

Exclusive pornography movies and pictures is another benefit you receive as a member of this network. Whereas some networks provide reality kings offers, brazzers deals, etc, DDF has a deal of there own! HOUSE OF TABOOS is a site on the network that caters for BDSM porn fans. There are sites that focus on one particular niche like blowjobs, while others take a more fetish turn. Variety is something you will find in abundance on the DDF Network. CHERRY JUL, DDF BUSTY, ONLY BLOWJOBS, 1BY DAY, are some of the sites that can be found on this network.

As a quality porn network, DDF passes all the requirements of a well-rounded supplier of hardcore X-rated material. They have the versatility, the quality, the quantity, and the ability to scratch all of your sexual itches. Give them a chance, you will not be disappointed.

VideoBox Discount

Exclusive VideoBox discount


$12.00 for 30 days and $8.00 per month for one year

(up to 50% off your membership)


Why pay the regular $15.00?


It is no secret that it can at times be a tedious complicated affair finding the right porn material to get you in the right mood. This leads to a long frustrating process of sorting and looking for a place where all your favorite niches can be found. Luckily, VideoBox is now here to address this issue. Video Box brags of housing one of the largest porn movie archives known to man. They also claim to have some of the most competitive “admission prices” in the market. “Is this true?” Let’s find out.

Die hard followers of this site might remember its former name, CLIMAX CORNER. They might also remember that this site has a very robust collection of DVD titles in its archives. The name is the only thing that has changed. The content is still copious and fabulous.

VideoBox has in its possession over fifteen thousand DVD titles that cover various porn niches. You will find hardcore, erotic, pornstar, fetish, and many other types of niches. As if this is not enough content to make you continuously spill your passion over and over again, the site has a system whereby they keep on updating their archives. The daily updates shower you with six new movies to watch. It is quite possible to overdose on Video Box’s immense porn content, very possible!

Video Box slaps you senseless with over 88,183 scenes of pure hardcore fun all at a price similar to the naughty america coupon price. As a member, you can opt to stream or download the material on this site. The movies show you all types of sexual activity like gonzo, anal, hardcore, DP, facial, POV, etc. Flash, windows, and mp4 are the movie formats members enjoy.

Do you get to view the scenes in full HD quality?

The answer is yes and no. Yes, there are over 4,500 scenes in magnificent HD mode. Not all of the material falls under this purview though. Even if they are not in HD mode, most of the material still has impressive playback quality. This site does not have any picture galleries. If you had ambitions of becoming a famous movie director, well, VideoBox gives you a chance to horn your skills. There is a feature on this site that allows you to edit the material to your liking. You can make movies that start and end where you want them to. You can highlight all those favorite money shots you love seeing with the help of this feature.

The fun does not stop there. Video Box’s “flow mode” feature allows viewers to watch 20 individual scenes simultaneously. Scenes that grab your “erect attention” can be maximized full screen. Add on the fact that navigation is easy on this site, various options for sorting material, various categories, variety and great quality, why would you not want to become a member of VideoBox right now?

There is no disputing the simple truth that Video Box has herculean muscles when it comes to movie content. The site is simply overflowing with awesome porn DVDs. This site, like the Brazzers site, deserves your attention, if hardcore variety and quantity is exactly what you are looking for.