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ZTOD Discount

Exclusive ZTOD discount


$19.95 for 30 days and $6.67 per month for one year

(up to 80% off your membership)


Why pay the regular $29.95?


ZTOD, ever wonder what it stands for? It actually means Zero Tolerance On Demand. If you’re familiar with the site Zero Tolerance for Bad Porn, this is actually their latest creation, which basically means it’s something you would really want to tap into. Flawless for its porn splendor, and if it were a written piece, it wouldn’t be anything less than one with impeccable brevity. ZTOD is a site that will never dare disappoint its target market with the bad kind of porn out there. And as to what bad porn means, you should know what it is — something unworthy of watching because of bad video quality, suckass actors and actresses, seemingly scriptless plots and the list goes on. So it goes.

There’s no real secret in ZTOD, nor does it have any gist. It’s philosophy: It simply is. Like Kurt Vonnegut, it’s pointless questioning as to why something is the way it is, because it’s just how it is. And that’s what ZTOD is all about, it’s perfect because that’s how it’s meant to be. As much as it wants to load its threshold with any kind of content, it only accepts all that is worthy of acceptance. By that, it would mean to say videos and photos that can truly erect the empire of all humongous penises. It’s magic stems from its virtues of zero tolerance.

The Substance

As far as count goes, there are over 800 videos that you can plunge your sense in to. Each video is injected with high quality, from the resolution of the image to the script of the cast, to the delivery of the cast, and to the moaning as they fuck. Truly awesome. No BS, just pure porn. You can download as much videos as you want. And the membership, it’s only for 19.95 dollars a month. 

I’d say this site is very worth of every penny it asks in return for its meritorious services of delivering high quality porn. ZTOD thus deserves a 10/10.

Hegre Art Discount

Exclusive Hegre Art discount


$19.98/mo. for 60 days and $12.50 per month for one year

(up to 70% off your membership)


Why pay the regular $39.95?


Are you thinking about joining the membership database of Hegre Art? Or, have you just by chance fell into this page and now come to wonder what Hegre Art is? But to answer those questions, you should really join as a member of the site and yes, you are lucky because I will be telling you how wonderful of a site it is. 

If you are able to appreciate fine photography or any art that involves imagery and emotion, then great, Hegre Art is definitely for you. It is a porn site that depicts sexual imagery with great ardor and a fervent desire to please its audience. It’s win-win here for the fact that it will serve its members with nothing but the best possible output when it comes to porn injected with Tantric wonders and the beauty of kamasutra. It tends to be stunningly diverse that it will compel its viewers to watch more videos and do more digging to see what magical porn they can entomb themselves. 

Look, if you love role-playing games, then good. We’re actually on the same page with that. What I’m trying to say is that if RPG’s have their bestiaries, Hegre Art has its own library of porn content that seem to be newfound or unwordly. But the truth is, they’re just equivalent to arcane knowledge — not many may be familiar of the contents of the site, but they are definitely nothing below the ordinary. They are purely visual and overly empowering. You will want to have sex all the more because of the eccentric stuff you will get to learn with the videos.

There are over 437 purely refined scenes to watch. Each video runs for about 10 to 35 minutes each and they are all in high resolution qualities. Also, there are fine art photographs you can view through the photo albums. 

The Verdict?

Overall, I would give this site a 9/10 because you know there is always room for errors. But so far, my experience with the site is exceptional. Though it’s not a perfect soft core porn hub, it’s definitely one of the bests out there. Hegre Art it is!