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VideosZ Discount

Exclusive VideosZ discount


$17.95 for 30 days and $10.00 per month for one year

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Why pay the regular $29.95?


There are 13659 full length DVDs at VideosZ and new ones are always getting added. When you click on a DVD, you will find out what it is about as there are over 80611 scenes that can be streamed on an embedded player or downloaded in several formats. Some of them can be downloaded in HD MP4s and that is very impressive.

Since it is a videos site from the name itself, you won’t be able to find any pictures here like you would on Playboy Plus which is understandable. That is alright as it would be better to watch girls pumping some small cock rather than posing naked with her legs wide spread. For some reason, I think it is easier to get a hard on when the girl spreads her legs wide open in a video instead of a picture. Some movies don’t got that good of a playback like the others because of the date they were released but that is alright since they are still watchable.

Most of the videos on VideosZ can be found in other sites which is a bummer but that is completely fine since the girls are beautiful anyway. The updates come in bunches daily so you won’t get sick of the same old stuff. There is an advanced search here is just like DDF, so you would come across some videos you never thought you would see in your life due to filtering out some things you like in a porn scene like threesomes and lesbian scene. It is the largest online adult movie collection and it just keeps on getting bigger and bigger. It is a foregone conclusion that when you come back to VideosZ after several months, the website got improved whether it was the design or the navigation. Speaking of the navigation, it is pretty easy to find the things you are looking for.

VideosZ is one website you won’t get sick of and you will wish you found it earlier since the stuff here is to die for. There are beautiful girls sucking and fucking until they reach an orgasm in a creative manner.

Blacks on Blondes Discount

Exclusive Blacks on Blondes discount


$19.99/mo. for 90 days and $9.99 per month for one year

(up to 67% off your membership)


Why pay the regular $29.99?


Next up for review on Broadway Beauty Pageant is a lovely site called Blacks on Blondes. It is no secret blondes like huge cocks and black dudes are the ones who probably have the biggest cocks in the world. In Blacks on Blondes, the stuff here is dedicated to black dudes pumping blondes even though some of the girls are not blondes as they go away from the theme sometimes.

There are 599 videos and half of them are already in HD format. Each video has a corresponding photo set. All the movies can be streamed on an embedded player and can be downloaded in bits or the entire thing. The mobile formats are also available so you can view them anywhere you please. There is going to be one episode that will drop to the website every 4 to 5 days so if you want to kill time then take a look at the rest of the DogFart network since that is what you are going to get in terms of bonus material. Most of the stuff on Blacks on Blondes is concentrated on black guys hammering white chicks which is always a good thing.

Blacks on Blondes is worth your money and time as you are going to get some nice interracial porn. Sometimes, you won’t know if the Naughty American white chick is enjoying the videos more or you are. You will see girls of all kinds like the ones who took one too many trips to the fridge and those who just can’t stop working out. In other words, they have babes of different shapes and sizes and they all have one thing in common and that is to get fucked by some huge black dude.

These girls certainly enjoy the fact that some black cocks are shoved up their asses and they get paid for it. They moan and groan like they don’t want to get disturbed at all. These black dudes don’t really show any mercy to the girls they fuck because they know they need to get what they deserve which is some mighty cock up in their pussies. They want to make them scream as loud as they can too.

DDF Network Discount

Exclusive DDF Network discount


$14.99 for 30 days and $12.50 per month for one year

(up to 72% off your membership)


Why pay the regular $44.99?


The DDF Network offers members some of the finest collection of pornography on the internet. You can find all types of porn niches plus they have some perks for members.

DDF is a mega site that offers you 13 high quality porn sites. The ladies who appear on this network are stunning beauties with high sexual libidos willing to do anything in front of the recording cameras. Why would they do this? To give you some steaming soft core and hardcore pornography capable of turning you into a big pile of gooey sticky mess!

Material on the DDF Network is tagged according to the date it was uploaded comparable to the digital playground network. There are menus, features, search tools and other helpful features on the network to help in sorting, finding, viewing and enjoying the material. You can watch what you want on this network with ease. Over 12,000 photo sets and over 11,800 movies are what members enjoy on this mega site network. You also receive a plethora of movie formats (MPEG, MOV, MP4, WMV, AVI, FLASH) and ZIP pack file for fast downloads of pictures. Many of the photos jump out from your screen in colorful HIGH RES quality. Many of the movies are in High-def mode with streaming and downloading features also available. DDF galleries are full of quality.

Exclusive pornography movies and pictures is another benefit you receive as a member of this network. Whereas some networks provide reality kings offers, brazzers deals, etc, DDF has a deal of there own! HOUSE OF TABOOS is a site on the network that caters for BDSM porn fans. There are sites that focus on one particular niche like blowjobs, while others take a more fetish turn. Variety is something you will find in abundance on the DDF Network. CHERRY JUL, DDF BUSTY, ONLY BLOWJOBS, 1BY DAY, are some of the sites that can be found on this network.

As a quality porn network, DDF passes all the requirements of a well-rounded supplier of hardcore X-rated material. They have the versatility, the quality, the quantity, and the ability to scratch all of your sexual itches. Give them a chance, you will not be disappointed.

VideoBox Discount

Exclusive VideoBox discount


$12.00 for 30 days and $8.00 per month for one year

(up to 50% off your membership)


Why pay the regular $15.00?


It is no secret that it can at times be a tedious complicated affair finding the right porn material to get you in the right mood. This leads to a long frustrating process of sorting and looking for a place where all your favorite niches can be found. Luckily, VideoBox is now here to address this issue. Video Box brags of housing one of the largest porn movie archives known to man. They also claim to have some of the most competitive “admission prices” in the market. “Is this true?” Let’s find out.

Die hard followers of this site might remember its former name, CLIMAX CORNER. They might also remember that this site has a very robust collection of DVD titles in its archives. The name is the only thing that has changed. The content is still copious and fabulous.

VideoBox has in its possession over fifteen thousand DVD titles that cover various porn niches. You will find hardcore, erotic, pornstar, fetish, and many other types of niches. As if this is not enough content to make you continuously spill your passion over and over again, the site has a system whereby they keep on updating their archives. The daily updates shower you with six new movies to watch. It is quite possible to overdose on Video Box’s immense porn content, very possible!

Video Box slaps you senseless with over 88,183 scenes of pure hardcore fun all at a price similar to the naughty america coupon price. As a member, you can opt to stream or download the material on this site. The movies show you all types of sexual activity like gonzo, anal, hardcore, DP, facial, POV, etc. Flash, windows, and mp4 are the movie formats members enjoy.

Do you get to view the scenes in full HD quality?

The answer is yes and no. Yes, there are over 4,500 scenes in magnificent HD mode. Not all of the material falls under this purview though. Even if they are not in HD mode, most of the material still has impressive playback quality. This site does not have any picture galleries. If you had ambitions of becoming a famous movie director, well, VideoBox gives you a chance to horn your skills. There is a feature on this site that allows you to edit the material to your liking. You can make movies that start and end where you want them to. You can highlight all those favorite money shots you love seeing with the help of this feature.

The fun does not stop there. Video Box’s “flow mode” feature allows viewers to watch 20 individual scenes simultaneously. Scenes that grab your “erect attention” can be maximized full screen. Add on the fact that navigation is easy on this site, various options for sorting material, various categories, variety and great quality, why would you not want to become a member of VideoBox right now?

There is no disputing the simple truth that Video Box has herculean muscles when it comes to movie content. The site is simply overflowing with awesome porn DVDs. This site, like the Brazzers site, deserves your attention, if hardcore variety and quantity is exactly what you are looking for.

Mr Skin Discount

Exclusive Mr Skin discount


$18.00 for 30 days and $7.00 per month for one year

(up to 65% off your membership)


Why pay the regular $20.00?


The first time I read the site name “Mr Skin”, the first thing that came into my mind was “Man, this has got to be a gay site. Retreat!” But I was wrong. I was totally wrong. It’s the absolute opposite of what I thought. It’s the kind of haven that my penis has been looking for all of this time. Mr Skin, my friends, is one of the most authentic adult sites you can find in case you’re up for a real manly type of porn.

Here to Be Loved

Every existence in this world is backed with a reason. For MrSkin, that would be to be loved by the mass. Not just by the male populace, but also by the female species. It’s purely one of the most versatile sites out there. It is home to straight people sex and homosexual sex. Not that I entertain the latter, but that is the truth of the site. It is a conglomerate of all the kinds of pornographic digital filmography out there. It is consolidated by the diversity of its contents.

Mr Skin features actors and actresses that seemingly look like Hollywood stars or Wicked Pictures actresses, only that they’re not. It’s like buying a Brazo de Mercedes for only a dollar, which is pretty much 20 times lower than its real value. The typical video in this site would contain a man with bulging muscles, from neck to toe, while the woman will have these naturally big racks that you would really want to suck the nipples out of. The kind of boobies that you would really love to slide your penis through the middle back and forth. So intense!

And as far as videos go, there are over 50,500 videos to choose from both vintage and modern. You basically have choices, especially with the categories set out in the most effective manner. There are also picture galleries and there is the advanced search option that adds up to the total convenience of the site.

For only $18, you can fully enjoy the site for an entire month. If you think that’s insufficient, then go with the 80-dollar subscription for an entire year. This is totally a site to love. Totally Mr Skin. Enjoy!

Playboy Plus Discount

Exclusive Playboy Plus discount


$19.96 a month for 90 days and $9.99 per month for one year

(up to 67% off your membership)


Why pay the regular $29.99?


Life can get so tiring sometimes. But when you feel really enervated, all you need’s a time for relaxation. You don’t always need to go off on a camping trip or trekking the mountains. The kind of relaxation you need could just be a click away inside your home. Without PlayBoy Plus, you can really have some good time relaxing with porn videos that would really be up to par with your standards.

A Succinct Intro

PlayBoy Plus is analogous to your all-time favorite magazine subscription. You know, Playboy Magazine. The concept of the porn site is very simple: to deliver the best porn in town without putting up too much. Everything is very simplistic to the point of total appreciation. Every video will serve as vitamin to your eyes as girls passionately suck cocks and fuck big jocks. Amazingly, every piece in this site turns out to be magical without the need for too much elaboration. In other words, the creators are pros like the makers of the Digital Playground site.

The Features

One of the things I really hate the most is to run short of the things that I love, that would go for both the things I do and the things I simply fancy. With PlayBoy Plus, to run short is never a part of their vocabulary. They’ve got their arsenal pumped with more than everything you need to sustain your gauge for sexual pleasure. For one, there are over 6800 porn videos to watch and each video runs for at least 5 minutes. Just imagine all the years you’d have to spend just to watch all those videos. And by the way, they grow in number by the day, so it would be to infinity! There are also picture galleries, 6100 plus photo galleries, which you can really find useful whenever you feel lusty or anything sexual for that matter.

The Price

With PlayBoy Plus, you have three options. You can either go with a 19-dollar monthly subscription, 39 dollars for a 3 month subscription and 119 for a whole year of subscription. Similar to the Bangbros coupon, the discount here assures you that it is all worth it.

Dare Dorm Discount

Exclusive Dare Dorm discount


$17.95 for 30 days and $9.95 per month for six months

(up to 60% off your membership)


Why pay the regular $39.95?


Have you heard the stories of the dorms? If not, then you are missing out on some serious fun people. But even if you have not heard any of the juicy stories, then you don’t need to fret too much. Dare Dorm is here to present you with a glorious option of viewing some of the best dorm porn, right on your computer screens.

Who does not love porn, especially, when it features some of the hottest, most wanted amateurs, all prancing about, with their titties rolling high? College life is all about fucking, sucking, dancing and making merry. Dare Dorm is exactly that; imagine seeing some of the best possible scenes, right in the comforts of your own room. These women are downright young, and are desperate to make a quick buck.

Outstanding features:

Horny couple movies, crazy group sex and loads of heavenly orgasms. Yes, these are the key highlights of Dare Dorm, where the women get naughty and well, the boys just can’t get enough. The website provides $1000 prize to the best fucking videos, so you can just about imagine how innovative people will be when it comes to fucking and doing bareback videos. Why let go of the fun, when there is a prize money at stake? The bigger the better, right?

So far, there are close to 103 videos, each with their own personalized video caps, so that you get to savor every bit of action. Each movie is around 50 minutes in length, so you don’t need to worry too much about losing out the momentum at the last minute. If this does not satisfy you either, then there are the pics to plunge into. Keep the moment alive and masturbate to the ooohhh and aahhhhs of the hote girls who will do anything to get hold of the prize money.

Planning on getting naughty? Then hop right in and let the action begin, only on Dare Dorm.