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FTVGirls Discount

Exclusive FTVGirls discount


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Ideally porn will always remain porn; however, when you add a brand to the content, it becomes all the more interesting and mind blowingly erotic. This is the case with FTVGirls, the soft core porn website which answers all the possible doubts one may have about the site, its origin and its content. The site works loosely films girls indulging in various forms of activities, each better than the other. Let’s take a deeper dive and see what’s in store with the exclusive membership.

Review for all eager viewers

Let me ask you a question. What do you do once you’re tired of seeing the same crappy porn scenes day in and day out, without any hope of anything new? You tend to look for new sites with better content and better porn reviews, right? Well, opposite to the Mofos site, this is where FTVGirls comes in to the picture.

None of the porn models are first timers. Even though the website is relatively new, the models indulging in the wonderful porn acts are not. They are exceptionally well trained and offer the viewers a little more fun wrapped with oodles of nudity, masturbation and lots of girl on girl action. The idea behind the whole filming is to ensure that the viewers get something different every time they login on the website.

About the website:

The content is always the main thing which attracts the members to sign up. However, the demographics of the website also play an important role, especially, with respect to the content manipulation and the navigation. Thankfully, FTV is quite sleek when it comes to presentation, and the navigational options are just another feather on the cap. The various girls can be sorted basis the age, their name as well as their bra size. Well, that’s a new one, for sure. Trust FTVGirls to actually come up with something so innovative. Discounts are what makes a sites worth trying, the evil angel coupon is a prime example, so it’s great to see that this network has a promotion too.

Videos, girls and lots of porn content:

Collectively, if you really want to get into the numbers, you can rest assured that you will get 1000s of uploads on a regular basis. The simple interpretation: you get to see an array of new content on a daily basis, so that you don’t really have to worry too much about seeing the same old boring content, day in and day out. So what are you waiting for? Sign up and give yourself a treat with FTVGirls.

DogFart Discount

Exclusive DogFart discount


$19.99/month for 90 days and $9.99 per month for one year

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Why pay the regular $29.99?


Who does interracial porn like DogFart? Probably no one comes close. This is not hype or wild praises. This is a fact based on the Dog Fart’s “two-decade history” of bringing white and black together for some hardcore sex!

DogFart is a collection of sites that make a network of black on white action that is amazing. The tight, creamy white gals get their fill of hard black dudes pounding, sucking, fondling, and fucking until everybody explodes in ecstasy.

“What kind of interracial content can you expect once you join DogFart?”

Any possible position or sexual situation you could imagine involving black and white dudes and gals is available on this site. From DP, anal, blowjobs, milfs, facials, wife, fetish, feet, gay, bizarre, etc, everything and anything is literally up for grabs on DogFart. This is thanks to the twenty-two sites on the network and identical to the naughty america discount or the reality kings coupon, this network has got one too.

There are over 1000 models from all over who are featured on the network. The network houses 3125+ movies in various formats (mp4, flv, wmv). The movies can be streamed or downloaded.

Members enjoy 2650+ picture galleries with photos in High Res quality. Zip files for downloads are also there. The new movies that have been uploaded are in magnificent HD quality for that crisp looking hardcore porn.


Each site brings with it massive hardcore content with the main theme being ebony vs. ivory porn. All the sites are easy to navigate and have constant updates so material on DogFart is plentiful.

Interracial sex is thrilling but the way DogFart network presents this material, it is totally addictive. The material is superb, the models are so freaky, and the dudes are eager to pop one in any hole available. DogFart defines and owns the words “hardcore interracial porn” so if this is the kind of material you seek, membership to this network is highly recommended.

X Art Discount

Exclusive X Art discount


$9.95 for 30 days

(75% off your membership)


Why pay the regular $39.95?


Porn does not always have to be a gratuitous mess with no grace, beauty, or charm. Making pornography is an art and X Art has taken this mantra to heart! The material floating around on this site is sensual and very erotic. The mixture of material ranges from soft erotica to banging hardcore.

On XArt home page, members get to browse the latest updates of movies and images. The site seems to be bringing updates 4 times a week. This means that on top of the 410+ movies and 518+ pic galleries, you are constantly bombarded with elegant international models on a regular basis (which is great!).

The movie gallery has downloading and streaming features. The new scenes have various viewing qualities. Old scenes are not in HD but they are still watchable.

Mp4, wmv, flv movie formats are available with some scenes hitting 1080p Full High Def quality. The length of the movies varies but for most of them, you get fifteen minutes of pure bliss.

Jump onto the picture galleries and you will be amazed by the content you find. High Res images that show curvy babes in sexual positions will have you creaming your pants! There are over 150 models from various places showing off on X Art. Big pictures with pixel quality reaching 2000x1334p can be downloaded (ZIP files). Moving along, you will see a promotion much like the digital playground discount with the exception of the high percentage off.

Navigation on XArt requires no hefty knowledge since it is very user friendly. The simple tools available let you go to model indexes, content, behind the scene blog, and roam around the site very effortlessly.

The production quality of a porn movie is everything. The bright lights, angles, camera work, background, and models all factor in to make a superb porn film. X Art definitely seems to understand this formula. The production quality of this site is rivaled by very few.

XArt focuses on delivering exclusive content in a variety of niches. The girls are so hot that they can burn the eyebrows off your face if you stare for too long! The material is so seductive, glamorous, and well produced that X Art definitely deserves the title of being a true international premium site.

Passion HD Discount

Exclusive Passion HD discount


$17.95 for 30 days and $9.95 per month for one year

(up to 67% off your membership)


Why pay the regular $29.95?


If you are looking for hot girls, and videos which utilize the highest production standards out there, check out Passion HD. This site has been going for several years now and is becoming increasingly popular. There are a number of features to take advantage of when you become a member. The first page you will end up is the landing page which includes previews of content and a brief description of each video. This is also where the newest videos are posted, so check back on a regular basis to see what’s new.

One great feature of Passion HD is the ability to check out individual pages of the actresses that feature in the movies. Click on a girl’s button and you will be taken to her page, which will list all the movies that she appears in, ideal if you have a favorite actress that you want to see a little bit more of.

You can also add your favorite videos to a Favorites list, making it easier than ever to find the videos that you are looking for at a later date. You will also get access to a number of different websites at a discount when you become a member.

The videos on offer use the best production techniques around and can either be streamed directly on the website or downloaded onto your computer – the choice is yours. Scenes run for around 25 minutes and can be downloaded in MPG, Windows Media Player, or in high definition, depending on the video. You can even download videos to play on a smart phone or mobile device, or download picture files in a ZIP file format.

College Rules Discount

Exclusive College Rules discount


$14.95 for 30 days and $7.50 per month for one year

(up to 75% off your membership)


Why pay the regular $29.95?


If you are looking for some of the hottest porn on the internet, look no further than College Rules. This website has been going for some years now, and has picked up many fans along the way. As part of your membership, you will get access to nearly 90 videos featuring the sexiest college girls around. These videos can be streamed or downloaded directly to your computer, so you can always have a choice on how to view your content.

There are also videos that are available in a high definition format, meaning that videos look sharper and clearer on your screen than ever before. This website is extremely easy to navigate around, and if you are new to College Rules, you will notice how easy it is to move from one section of the website to another, with various navigation and menu options that will take you to where you need to be. There’s also a great search option and like the brazzers coupon, a great discount, where you will be able to search for content and be presented with a list of results within mere seconds, meaning you will be able to find just exactly what you are looking for much quicker for much less.

The website is easy to sign up with, and if you are looking to become a brand new member, you’ll only need to submit a few details before receiving an electronic receipt that will confirm your purchase. You will need to choose a user name and password to log in to College Rules with – keep these safe as you’ll need them frequently, especially as the database of content on the site is ever-growing. Once you have chosen your preferred method of payment, just wait for an email which will include a link embedded into its body; click on this to validate your new subscription and complete the registration process. You’ll then be able to display all the videos on the website. The main page is where you will mostly end up first. Here are the newest videos for you to peruse, with a brief description of the content and a preview, so you can choose the best video for you more quickly than ever before.

In addition to all the video content, the site is renowned for its customer service in comparison to Naughty America. If you have a problem with playing videos, then just contact a company representative who will be able to assist you with your query. Once you have submitted your query, you will receive a response which is helpful and has been sent in a prompt manner. However, this shouldn’t really be the case, as the streaming player used in the site is easy to use and rarely has any trouble loading or buffering video content. There are also over 80 different photo sets that you can have a look at, with all images of a good quality. There are video caps for you to check out too, making College Rules great value for money and a great site to become a member with.

Wicked Pictures Discount

Exclusive Wicked Pictures discount


$17.95 for 30 days and $9.16 per month for one year

(up to 71% off your membership)


Why pay the regular $29.99?


Which is the place where you get to check out 1000 stunning girls, as well as 3000+ HD videos, all shot exclusively for the members? Well, of course, the answer is Wicked Pictures, the all new website offering a whopping collection of 48000+ bonus videos. If the numbers have freaked you out enough already, then hop on to check out an exclusive review of the website.

Founded in 1993, the website has done well for itself in the past few years. With the kind of experience they carry with themselves, they have managed to amass a whopping collection of close to 500 adult awards for themselves, all thanks to the kind of content they offer to the loyal viewers. With this said and done, they have left not a stone unturned, all thanks to the fact that they have an extremely organized website which does not let down the members, even for a second.

Navigational facilities: The navigational facilities on the website are extremely promising, as everything is in its place. As soon as you enter, you will see lots of thumbnails, clearly listing out everything that Wicked Pictures is famous for. This is not all, for you even get to see the week’s latest additions to the website network, so that you can clearly differentiate between what’s new and what’s old.

Models: Some of the famous models include the likes of sexy Alexis Monroe. Featuring a lot of scenes catering to sucking, fucking, threesomes etc. While everything is really focused in the movies similar to the Digital Playground network, rest assured that the models are not only super hot, but they know their job quite well which is why you will never feel the need to actually put your sexual prowess to rest. Let the libido run free and see how the world of porn tickles your fancy.

Ideally, if you’re looking out for some classy, sassy porn, then this is the website to be on. The models are hot, the members’ area is everything it promises to be and the content is fabulous. When you know you want something different for yourself, then this adult deal site is the place to sign up for. Check out the Wicked Pictures membership features in order to make the most of the on going offers.

Naughty America Discount

Exclusive Naughty America discount


$14.95 for 30 days and $7.95 per month for one year

(up to 70% off your membership)


Why pay the regular $24.95?


If you have not heard the name of Naughty America till now, then it’s time for you to wake up and smell the coffee for sure. While the brand name has been associated with some of the best porn on the Internet, the famous website has created more than a name in the online world. Believe it or not, but the people running Naughty America have created some of the best porn sites on the Internet till date. Like Evil Angel, They have some of the hottest models posing for them, some of which are going to simply blow your mind away, totally.

A little about the website

  • A collection of 28 network sites, each of which offers some of the best porn content on the Internet.
  • Access to live shows and lots of extras, only for the members.
  • Frequent updates along with smoldering hot content which will make you crave for way more than you are getting.
  • 5200 scenes in total, each of which is filled with beautiful chicks, monster cocks and busty titties.
  • On an average, around 2 scenes are updated on a daily basis, keeping the liveliness of the website intact.
  • Do you crave for variety? If so, then this is the place to check out. With tons of variety and hordes of different activities, rest assured, you will never want to go out of it.
  • Threesomes, cum shots, hardcore actions, you name it and you have it.
  • HD format videos, all waiting for the exclusive membership tags.


Naughty America is the top notch brand in the porn market for a reason. While it commands respect for its quality content, they have left no stone unturned to actually bring out what the members actually want to see. May it be in terms of HD movies, busty babes, or hot women prancing about the videos, they have almost everything that a human mind can think of. For this very reason, they have been categorized as one of the best porn sites on the internet alongside Mofos, Brazzers, etc. If you too want to be associated with this amazing website, then you have to strap your seat belts and jump on to the bandwagon. Let the passion flow through your veins as you soak in the sights of big butts and bouncy titties.

Playboy TV Discount

Exclusive Playboy TV discount


$19.99 per month for 90 days and $9.99 per month for one year

(up to 67% off your membership)


Why pay the regular $29.99?


Before you need to have cable subscription in order to become a member of Playboy TV. Now time has changed as all you need is a computer, credit card and fast Internet connection. There are requirements to get a credit card though so you would have to accomplish that. It is still brought to you by the legends of porn which is Playboy. They have been around for sometime and they have brought you the most beautiful girls in the world stark naked in some revealing photo shoots done by professional photographers.

The Playmates section gives you a look at the casting calls of Playmates. You will find out why everyone wants to be a playmate and there are a lot of reasons other than being with Hugh Hefner. There is a section called Foursome where two guys and two girls lock up in a mansion. You can only imagine what happens in a premise like that as sometimes the pairs go at it while there are times when the two girls get into it with each other.

The owners of Playboy TV made it pretty easy for everyone to navigate throughout the website and get a deal like the evil angel discount also available. Nobody will have a tough time looking for what they are looking for. The Swing section provides entertainment for girls who go into the night life. It is fun for them as they go bar hopping from one nice bar into another as there is nothing more fun than exploring the night life. Since it is Playboy, there is nothing but quality in this website from the navigation to the looks of the performers. There is a section for models and you can sort them out according to how you would like them sorted.

There is no doubt you would like everything at Playboy TV as they won’t be called the legends of porn for no reason. The Naughty Amateur home videos section show some real life amateurs just like on the mofos discount network, submit their home made videos. They submit these videos to Playboy in the hopes of getting shown on the website.